Birds of Pray

the world is music. birds sing the sun into the sky. sacred mountains stand forgotten. grandmother ocean receives insult upon injury from the human people. life moves towards balance through infinite exchange. everything is alive and in relationship. the rocks and wind are speaking. the ancestors and gods are everywhere. modern life has forgotten how to listen to the song of the world. some of us are relearning how to hear.

listen with your heart. look at your fear and it diminishes. be open to love. feel and express. turn to nature and see the face of Divine.

it is not too late. now is the time to know that all is sacred. prayer is a conversation. slow down. listen to the wind.

this music is alive.
Tatewari gives joy and transformation. thank you.
Tatei Haramara gives depth and mystery. thank you.
Tatei Amitul brings the wind and the dream of the Great Goddess. thank you.