Don Jose Sings

Don Jose Sandoval de la Cruz is a venerable elder and wisdom keeper of the Wixarika ( Huichol Indians) of central northwestern Mexico. He is the living embodiment of an unbroken spiritual tradition that has existed since the beginning.
He is a great healer and ritual leader for his people who live simply, adhering to their traditional ways in spite of relentless pressure from the modern world.
One of Don Jose’s gifts is to be a Singer. In this context, one who has the capacity to open and allow the Gods to ” sing” him, bringing guidance and healing to his people.
With permission and great gratitude we offer a sample of his singing here for the benefit of all our relations. One track is just as it sounds by the fire in the Sierras and others have had musical contexts added to create more of an opening for us to take it in.
This set is for general listening and exploration, not so much for the treatment room.