• Why doesn’t the player work?
  • It does for most users. If you have Firefox you might need an add-on for mp3 like this one, or use Chrome, IE or Safari browsers. Start the player by clicking on the white triangle at the top left of the time bar. Clicking ahead on the time bar may cause the player to stop. This is because the rest of the song has to download before it can play from there. Clicking on a different song in the list is fine, but it is best to avoid skipping around within a song. Still stuck? Ask for help
  • What kind of music is on this site ?
  • The music on Healing Music Now has a variety of sounds, textures and feelings to it. There is a rich collection of deeply meditative and spacious bass flute and alto flute music,some unaccompanied and some with Indian devotional musical textures including tamboura, harmonium and tablas.There is global heart music with gently uplifting rhythms on djembe,drums,tablas and kora and mbira.Solo piano meditations.The sounds of the ocean,fire, streams,night sounds from the jungle, thunder and rain and the wind.There are soul music tracks with positive lyrics and superbly crafted arrangements with electric bass,drums,conga,saxophone,electric pianos and organ.There are mystical ensembles of lushly organic synthesizer voices combined with acoustic instruments. Through it all the common thread is the wind instrument voices and keyboard sounds of Scott. There are guided visualizations for letting go into sleep and for connecting with heart energy. There are songs that are shamanic journeys.