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Special Holiday Gift Offer: 6 months subscription to Healing Music Now for only $19.99!
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Looking for a holiday gift that keeps on giving? Give someone six months access to great music on Healing Music Now. Stream our beautiful and beneficial healing music from your phone, tablet or computer anywhere there is internet access across the globe. Give the gift of peace and deep rest to your friends and loved ones. What better way to say you care than to give a gift that enhances well-being and deep rest?

Here’s how it works. Just enter your name and email address below, pay, and you will receive an email with a link to a gift code for 6 months of listening. Forward that email to someone special and they can redeem the gift just by clicking the link. You can buy as many gift codes as you want.

LEARN MORE about Healing Music Now, with music created by wind player Scott Sheerin. His training as a traditional healer and devotion to the Divine presence in the natural world has resulted in an extraordinary body of music that consistently produces connection to heart and a deep relaxation response.

Healing Music Now is designed for personal use in daily life to promote well-being and also for healthcare professionals and practitioners who use music to enhance and support their work with clients.

With over 50 specially designed playlists we offer a rich palette of organic, gorgeous music with integrity and presence. Easy to use from any device, for the price of one CD you get over 50 hours of music plus other great features like our podcasts, newly created music each month and streaming live music satsangs !

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Upon payment, you will see the gift code and you will receive an email with a link to the gift code page. The code can only be clicked ONCE. If you would like to redeem this gift for yourself, simply click on the code. Or give the gift by forwarding the email to the gift recipient. The email includes the link to the gift code page.

Testimonials “Chaitanya’s beautiful and soothing flute music is truly chicken soup for everyone’s soul. This is the most calming and centering music I have ever heard. It will transport you to new levels of peace, joy, and bliss.”

Jack Canfield co-creator of the #1 NY Times best selling Chicken Soup for the Soul Series