Healing Room

THE ABILITY OF MUSIC to return us to an awareness of our own true nature—relaxed, wise, joyous and free-has been celebrated for millennia everywhere on Earth. Sacred songs have been the key elements in countless ceremonies, rituals and prayers that have sustained humanity throughout history.

Less well known are the healing powers of music. As a great sage once said: “ Music can go where other medicines cannot reach.” This is certainly a beautiful mystery that we can all be thankful for – the power of music to transform our consciousness and our state of wellness.

The gift of the music in our recordings is that it creates a bridge to the heart, the most ancient and essential part of us all. As we listen we’re drawn into deep states of rest and rejuvenation. It encourages our minds to slow to the rhythms of the natural world and to experience, if even for a few moments, the grace of the present moment where all healing takes place.

The Healing Room extended playlist lasts all day and is designed to create a soothing sound environment that has the effect of slowing down time and complements and deepens the therapeutic relationship in the treatment room. We offer dozens of other playlists that can also be used in this way. Using our music to promote deep relaxation and a restful mood for the client can expand the effects of any holistic or allopathic modality and help to balance the interplay of body, mind and spirit thereby promoting wellbeing.

Here is a short sample of some of the music in Healing Room. Listen and enjoy!