Inside outside

I returned home to these old mountains the other day from healing camp at the Blue Deer Center in the Catskills. This world seems full of mountains and the mountains are full of spirit and Divine expressions – what we call nature.
I’ve been music making at home since I got back and wanted to share this piece with you. Harmonium, piano, alto flute and fantom X6 were recorded inside my room. The thunder people and bird people were recorded through the open window. Inside – outside.
Shamanic healing is drawn from the living spirit of the divine natural world and brings you into an experience of connection with heart and with the dream of nature. In my experience healing always diminishes the illusion of separation our mind creates and moves us into a flow of connection with life. My journey and training to become a traditional healer is woven together with this music I hear.
Peace and blessings,

Scott Sheerin

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