Moon of Remembering

So much of life can seem to fly by unnoticed and in some ways unlived or unexperienced.This fall here along the Blue Ridge in North Carolina has been like the soft caress of the Divine lover waking me from sleep. Warm gentle sun-filled days give way to cool clear nights, deer-starred skies and the dance of the moon cycle. Grandmother moon reaching into the darkness of this forest and lighting the shapes of what can’t be seen. We are about a week past full moon and as I arose at 5am this morning the waning moon was ascending higher in the eastern sky casting shadows in our house.
The ancestral presence is strong here in these mountains. I feel them remembering the passing of the summer and the return of coldness and darkness.
The brilliant impermanence of life on full display. The rain-starved streams floating the falling leaves to the sea far away. It is a time of thanksgiving and of longing. Of feeling nourished by all that has been given during the season of growing and of grieving the passing of our days.Both these things held by joy. The ancestors know about this passing and about the precious gift of life we share with all our relations.
As first light appeared this sublime October Appalachian morning, I recorded this music as a prayer: may we remember that everything is alive and in relationship. Everything we do is sacred.
The song is called “Moon of Remembering”

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