My God is a Tree

This music is dedicated to the Huichol people of the Sierra Madres of Mexico. Their generosity of spirit and their beautiful knowledge of how to live knowing that all is sacred is a unfathomable gift to us. They know the world is music. They have lived in accordance with their ancestral traditions since the time before time. We may see them as simple yet they have lived in sustainable relationship in their lands for thousands of years. They know that nature is the face of God. That everything is Divine. That prayers and offerings must be offered to give back to the beings that give us our existence.

Huichol shamans are Singers of the Gods. The Gods speak through them bringing healing, wisdom and guidance. The Singer on tracks 2 and 4 is the venerable elder Huichol Tsauririkame Don Jose Sandoval de la Cruz. Tamatsi Kauyumari, the Blue Deer, sings through him.

I pray that the guidance which moved me to unfold this music around his singing, brings your ears a little closer to God’s mouth, a little closer to your own heart.