Summer Solstice Concert 6/20

Summer Solstice Concert 6/20

Tuesday June 20th at 7:30 join us for an intimate world music concert. Prayerful improvisations and sacred songs conjured by three heartful Asheville area musicians. Surrounded by field, forest and the Ivy River this sunset music will be at the Sacred Fire Council House 20 minutes north of Asheville.

Aditi Sethi on celtic harp/ harmonium and voice. Allen Roda on tablas and Scott Sheerin on bass flute, alto flute and soprano saxophone. As a special treat we will be joined on spoken word by Tracy Schmidt. 

This will be only our second time of exploring music as a trio. We are hoping to bring forth the uplifting and inspiring sounds and feelings that we experienced a few weeks ago. Please come for a solstice sunset experience listening to music and enjoying the moment inside and outside the council house.

Suggested donation $15     For details and reservations call Scott 828 645 1003

I have put two songs on this player. As we have no recordings of ourselves as of yet here are some examples of some related textures. Kema Bourema is based on a traditional kora ( west-african harp-lute) song together with tablas ( paired Indian hand drums) and me on flutes.

Looking for you begins with a long tabla solo over a 9 beat cycle then breaks into a swing groove.

Both these songs are from a record I made in the 90's in Victoria, BC.

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