Massage 2: Dreaming Deer

This is a deep peace set of music for healing work, massage or meditation. This music showed up here this fall an unusually dry season here this year. The rains have arrived now and the music wants to move out into the world. According to the elegant Chinese medicine system of the Five Elements, fall corresponds to the element metal and the emotion of grief. I feel like the season expresses itself in this music as a softness and an invitation to let go.
Grief arrives to bring present the depth of our loss. It pushes us to move and express and to breathe. It is here to cleanse us and help us to let go. To empty and bring us to the state of being ready for what’s next. There is a bittersweet quality to grief as it allows us to truly feel the fragile and precious nature of life and the relationships that create our existence. And as we feel our impermanence and touch the beauty of the bloom of our life, real joy can emerge as we feel reconnected to the common heart.
I hope this music brings blessings to you and all our relations.
Scott Sheerin