Music-Ancient Remedy for the Socially Distanced

THE ABILITY OF MUSIC to return us to an awareness of our own true nature—relaxed, wise, joyous and free-has been celebrated for millennia everywhere on Earth. Sacred songs have been the key elements in countless ceremonies, rituals and prayers that have sustained humanity throughout history. Now is indeed the time for such a medicine.

Less well known are the healing powers of music. As a great sage once said: “ Music can go where other medicines cannot reach.” This is certainly a beautiful mystery that we can all be thankful for – the power of music to transform our consciousness and our state of wellness.

This site is the virtual home for the healing music work of Scott Sheerin . This is a community resource. Here for free, anyone can stream over 50 hours of beautiful original peaceful healing music drawn from the living spirit of nature through years of listening and practice as a traditional healer and musician.This music is alive  and opens a doorway to heart, the most ancient and essential part of us all. As we listen we’re drawn into deep states of rest and rejuvenation, encouraging our minds to slow to the rhythm of the natural world and to experience, if even for a few moments, the grace of the present moment where all healing takes place.

The wind, the sacred waters, the cloud people are all speaking to us and asking us to listen. Healing is always about coming into relationship with the world around us. I have found that this music can be a helpful and reliable guide on the journey. Music for inspiration, solace, upliftment, personal self-care, meditation, massage, waiting rooms, yoga studios, spas, and more.

Music is the oldest form of healing. By the fire the old ones told stories from the time before time of how the world is continually being sung into existence. The world is music. Our lives are being sung by a web of divine mysterious forces. Through the ages humans have trusted music as a friend and ally in times of joy and in times of grief and loneliness. No wonder then that listening to music has such a strong potential to move us and promote balance of body, mind and spirit. The offerings on this site have been lovingly crafted through many years of devotion and practice. Years of building relationship with the sacred world that supports us all. This music is prayer and it is music as medicine.

with love and respect and gratitude,

Scott Sheerin
Founder of Blue Place Music and Healing Music Now

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