Getting Started

“This site is very nice! Great job!
While someone like me utilizes Pandora for the diversity of options (sometimes I like rock, etc..), I can really get into your playlists for days. I have had some great feedback from clients as well. They feel like they go very deep when your music is playing.”

Jeff Wells, Massage Therapist in North Carolina.

Welcome to Healing Music Now. We’re glad you’re here.This is a boutique healing music streaming service providing unique, finely crafted music to support your professional or personal wellness practices.

If you are a health care professional this music can benefit your patients or clients by deepening their experience and expanding their receptivity to your work. If you are interested in using our music in your personal life this is an inexpensive and practical form of self-care that can produce practical and enjoyable results. See Conscious Listening, a simple beneficial method to use our music.

You can also listen to or download our podcasts and watch a beautiful video set to our music.To read about where this music comes from click About .