Being Human

This music was created with the prayer that it would help us to remember our true nature. To help us to remember that we are human beings, connected to the world through the energy of heart. That our lives are held by an infinite, mysterious web of relationship to all that is. That cultivating our capacity to hear the voice of our heart will move us where we need to be in this moment, the sky of the heart.

Offered with love and gratitude to the Divine beings who stand behind all of this. To my friends and collegues of the Sacred Fire community whose support brought this forth. To my family. To Joby Baker my friend and fellow musical traveler for sharing his gifts. To the musicians: Alexis Puentes, Jose Sanchez, Anne Schaefer, Dean Samuel, Joss Jaffe, Christian Anondotti, Omar Cowan and Jaki Whitren for their joy of making music.

Thank you Grandfather.