Musician Scott Sheerin is the main human servant in the creative process of making the music on HMN. The music on this site is current, with new tracks being uploaded as they are made, and archival with the earliest track dating to 1981.

I've been touched by the sounds and feelings of many musical cultures, and the music that manifests when I work sounds like it's own thing. I feel it is my love and devotion to Fire, the transformative force in the universe, that holds the music together and breathes it into life. With the help of the living world and the ancestors I do my best to listen to the song of the world and express what is ultimately mysterious and Silent.

This music is a doorway to the experience of heart. The heart is in the present moment and is meant to be a reliable guide for how we move in life. The first step is slowing down and breathing, calming the mind and relaxing. This healing music helps us to do this and  return to the dream of nature, a place where everything is alive and in relationship.

This music is inspired by and drawn from nature, the source of traditional healing around the world. The wind, the sacred waters, the cloud people all are speaking to us and are asking for us to listen. The podcasts on this site focus on the act of listening as a spiritual practice and as a foundation of effective prayer.

There is a variety of styles and textures in this music. Much of it is deeply meditative and without what we call rhythm. These pieces have an invisible rhythm, a kind of breathing cyclic rising and falling, like listening to the ocean.There are also many albums and playlists which have beautifully uplifting and joyful percussion tracks.