Conscious Listening

Healing music can be listened to in any way that you wish. As background music it lends a subtle calming energy to the environment. Hundreds of massage therapists, body-workers, acupuncturists and other practicioners are offering the healing qualities of our music to their clients during their treatment sessions. One of the simplest ways to let it work is to play it softly while taking a nap or when going to bed in the evening.
You may also wish to experience the benefits of conscious listening.
Here’s how it can be done:

 Give yourself a set amount of time to relax and receive the benefits of the music. You may only have 15 minutes or perhaps you can rest for a full hour.

 If it appeals to you, create a peaceful environment in simple ways that speak to your heart. Be clear in the intention that you are giving yourself this time for self-care and deep relaxation.

 Make yourself comfortable. Either sit or lie down allowing your breath to move easily. There is nothing to do. Nothing to figure out. Just allow the sound of the music to be present and breathe naturally.

 At the end your session you may wish to acknowledge yourself for taking the time to nurture yourself in this way.

 These are suggestions only. Each of us has an intuitive sense of what we need and how to use the music.