Scott Sheerin musician/healer

Musician Scott Sheerin is a wind player and holistic healer living in the ancient rainforest mountains of western North Carolina. His background includes Traditional Chinese Medicine, Huichol Traditional Medicine and years of devotional music in Siddha Yoga Ashrams around the world. He has created dozens of albums as an effective aid in healing rooms, yoga therapy and meditation as well as performing live devotional and ceremonial music at spiritual healing retreats throughout North America. Playing deep toned silver flutes, reed instruments and keyboards he weaves nature sounds into a soothing tapestry of peace.

“I’ve been touched by the sounds and feelings of many musical cultures, and the music that manifests when I work sounds like it’s own thing. With the help of fire as heart, the living world and the ancestors, I do my best to listen to the song of the world and express what is ultimately mysterious and Silent.”

“This music is a doorway to the experience of heart and helps return us into the dream of nature, a place where everything is alive and in relationship.The wind, the sacred waters, the cloud people all are speaking to us and are asking for us to listen. My teaching and performance work focus on the act of listening as a spiritual practice and as a foundation of effective prayer.”


Mystic Flute Sound Journey Summer Tour  June/July 2019

June 21 Taos, NM

June 29 Victoria, BC. Canada

July 6  Hornby Island, BC. Canada

July 10 Portland, Oregon

July 14  Ojai, CA

July 20  Pahoa, HI

Join us for a deeply peaceful session of bass flute meditations along with the music of the natural world. Slow the mind and experience the Sky of the Heart, the place of Silence and connectedness. The world is music and so are we. Come and remember the sacred within and all around us.