Thousand mile song

The mystery of Whale songs can travel across an ocean.

What about the human people? During this time of social distancing and self-quarantine many of us are cut off from ways of receiving care for body, mind and spirit. I want to offer a simple and practical way to receive a healing blessing from a distance. My intention is to provide support for emotional balance in this fearful climate, to calm the mind, uplift the spirit and promote renewal of the body.
A distance session has two parts. First we speak together by phone or Skype to discuss your concerns and well-being. This is followed later that day with me praying through the mystery of music on your behalf. This music is responding directly for you. I will be recording the music in a good way and deliver the recording to you via the internet. At home this music can be used as frequently as desired to help produce a state of relaxation, connection and flow which is the place where healing starts. We can have a follow-up conversation which may include some simple daily practices.
My 30 years of experience as a healer learning  ways of building relationship with the Divine living natural world has led me to a practice of music as medicine and prayer. About Scott

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 Suggested donation is $50 with a sliding scale either upwards or downwards depending on your need. Many of us are experiencing financial challenges due to our economic disturbances. I am willing to do this for free if your need is great. We are all in this together.

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A little excerpt of a distant whale song with me adding my two cents worth.