Letting Go

Letting go is a mysteriously difficult process for us humans. Whether it is simply allowing ourselves to let go of our wakefulness as we ‘fall’ asleep, or the profound surrender that we must allow as we make our final transition from this life, letting go can be very challenging for us. Our mind wants to hold on to its sense of control rather than to yield to forces that are beyond its influence. However, balancing the activity of our mind with the ability to let go and flow with the greater forces in life is of vital importance in every arena and phase of our existence.

Come on the mysterious journey of Letting Go, guided by the soothing voice of Prema Sheerin and carried by the sublime healing bass flute music of Scott Sheerin. Allow yourself to release the cares, concerns and attachments that prevent you from resting deeply in the place of Awareness within – the nature of your own being.