Healing Music Pro

This is a virtual radio station for healing offices and treatment rooms providing soothing and centering music to create a feeling of relaxation and openness.

“This site is very nice! Great job!
While someone like me utilizes Pandora for the diversity of options (sometimes I like rock, etc..), I can really get into your playlists for days. I have had some great feedback from clients as well. They feel like they go very deep when your music is playing.”
Jeff Wells, Massage Therapist North Carolina

WAITING ROOM is designed for professional office waiting rooms.The music is calming and relaxing and promotes a clear gentle environment. There is a nice blend of spaciousness and rhythms.
HEALING ROOM is designed to create a sound environment that has the effect of slowing down time and complements and deepens the therapeutic relationship in the treatment room. Using our music to promote deep relaxation and a restful mood for the client can expand the effects of any holistic or allopathic modality and help to balance the interplay of body,mind and spirit.
YOGA ROOM provides a musical presence to support mindfulness and centering in the listener as well as an awareness of the Divine presence within.