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“Music can go where other medicines cannot reach.” These words spoken by an Indian sage illuminate the possibilities for healing through listening to certain kinds of music. Healing Music Now is a boutique  music service dedicated to providing beautiful, heart-centered music for use in professional therapeutic settings and by individuals in everyday life.

Enjoy our music and experience the benefits of this simple yet profound daily practice. We have playlists specially designed for different moods and activities. No matter where you are or what you’re doing music can help us to remember our true nature, connected to the living world. This is an easy to use, and nourishing antidote to the stress of modern life and can be used anytime, anywhere.

This music is inspired by the living spirit of the natural world. Traditional healer Scott Sheerin’s deep interest in healing and the spiritual nature of music has drawn him into a decades long practice of music as medicine. All of the music on this site has been played or co-created through his work. There are dozens of playlists and albums that promote deep rest and are perfect for various forms of bodywork, energy work, massage, meditation, and healing offices.

“This site is very nice! Great job!
While someone like me utilizes Pandora for the diversity of options (sometimes I like rock, etc..), I can really get into your playlists for days. I have had some great feedback from clients as well. They feel like they go very deep when your music is playing.”

from Jeff Wells, Massage Therapist, North Carolina