Scott Sheerin Traditional Healer

Scott Sheerin’s deep interest in healing and the spiritual nature of music has led him to become an initiated shaman in the living tradition of the Huichol Indians and a spiritual musician practicing music as medicine. Based near Asheville, North Carolina he offers his healing work locally and at the Blue Deer Center in New York.

His offerings include:
-Individual Shamanic Consultations
-Individual Music as Medicine work
-Journey to the Heart of Music workshops
-Explorations of Music as Prayer
-Healing Music Recordings

His early explorations of healing include a diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1989, graduation from Eliot Cowan’s Plant Spirit Medicine program in 1990, and completion of a two year professional training in the Hakomi Method of Body-Centered Pyschotherapy. From 1990 to 1998 he worked in a holistic medicine practice combining elements of these three disciplines.

Experiencing a life crisis he was drawn to Mexico to meet a uniquely gifted shamanic teacher, David Wiley. Through his work Scott was introduced to Tatewari, or Grandfather Fire, the source of our connection to Divine and a great teacher for human people since the beginning.

Here, by the sacred fire, Scott was initiated to the mysteries of music as prayer. Here as well, he was called to begin a series of pilgrimages to sacred sites with the blessings and guidance of the Huichol ancestors and their patron Gods. His human guide in this was Eliot Cowan, a Tsauririkame or elder shaman, who himself was taught and initiated by the elder Huichol shaman Don Guadalupe Rios. Thus began a lengthy shamanic apprenticeship. After 8 years of pilgrimage and other ritual work, Scott was initiated in a ritual ceremony presided over by the venerable Don Jose Sandoval de la Cruz.

Currently ( in his 17th year) Scott continues his work with the Huichols in the Sierra Madre and is part of a small group of marakames (shamans) and apprentices living in the modern world in North America. These marakames are part of a core group of volunteers who help to support the Sacred Fire Community, a global non-profit organization dedicated to creating community locally and helping people connect through the energy of heart to the natural world and to authentic spiritual traditions through the universal and transformative spirit of fire. In these urgent times the wisdom and gifts of traditional peoples will provide us a way towards balance and sustainability, providing healing and right relationship to the sacred beings who sustain our world.

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